Monday, September 29, 2008

My last Monday in Memphis!

My second to last day of work at the Bird as well. I am utterly exhausted. I got the day off yesterday on a fluke, and it was well needed. I did minimal house work, but alas, some was completed. AKA- laundry.

My only problem at hand is this: I still do not have flight arrangements. I called the travel coordinator at Norton Sound on Friday, and he was supposed to email it to me. Didn't happen. So I called Alaska Airlines to try and see if they could tell me. Apparently it seems my flight still has not been booked!

Something like this happened before in February of last year. I was packed and ready to go and at the airport. I went up to the counter to check in and get my tickets, only to find that I did not have a flight booked at all back to Nome.

We went back to the house, I got in contact with the hospital, a flight was booked, and I was on my way back to the airport a few hours later. That day was a mess since my flight was cancelled to Chicago due to ice. I didn't get there until the the next day, and travelling over night just isn't fun.

So, when I have my break today from my double shift, I am going to have to try and remember that I need to call my boss in Nome today and get the ball rolling.

Everything else on my end is done. I have made faxes of documents, peed in a cup, done a background screen. I am done. Now I wait.

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