Friday, August 29, 2008


I FINALLY got my refund on my pet deposit from my apartment in California! I am no longer negative in my bank account! I can now deposit my work check, my cash, and whatever I make today into my bank account and be at ease.

I am a potential candidate for a new travel position in Nashville, TN. I hope I can get the job, since I currently don't have health insurance, and the money I am making at the restaurant just isn't cutting it right now.

Now, again, why did I not get a nursing job in Memphis? The pay sucks. As an LPN the biggest offer I can get is around $14.50/hur. Yeah, I know. Even with 8 years experience, that's all I could make. It would be a world of difference if I was an RN, but the reason I am in the situation that I am in is to remedy my education.

ANd a short thank you to Sherry E., Mike C.,and Neal F., all friends of mine who have wished me a Happy Birthday. (so far ;)

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Marzsaetel said...

Your B-day isn't til Monday!!!!