Monday, August 11, 2008

Who is my blog reader from Kenner, Louisiana?

I have a widget that shows the traffic on my blog, and I see Kenner, Louisiana from time to time. Who are you? Leave me a comment! Because if I know you in real life, there is no need to not say hello!

In a sick way, I am very glad today is Monday. This means that the week of hell I inflicted upon myself is now over, and I can start fresh anew. I have my food test tomorrow at Firebird's and I am fairly certain that I may possibly fail. This is something that the managers have emphasized may happy to most new servers, so this makes me feel a little better.

I have a full schedule today including cleaning the bathroom, washing my bed linens, straightening up my room, and finishing up with some study time for my test tomorrow.

Wish me luck, y'all!


bcfoer said...

That would be me (Brian Foerstel). Went to RSHS, then to UM-Rolla (now MST), then to Joplin, MO for a defense contractor, and then, somehow, to New Orleans (Kenner's about 15 mi. west). I'm an engineer with Monsanto down here.


Swartzie said...

Haha! At last! Thank you for loyaly reading Brian! Wow, Monsanto is a great company. My dad used to work for Monsanto in STL, and he gets a great retirement package, so keep it up! It's good to hear from you, and I am happy to see you are successful in life. Take care, buddy!

bcfoer said...

In Chicago, because Gustav wouldn't play nice (was here anyway visiting Sunil, vacation was 'extended'). Reports from NO are good, with me hopefully flying back in Thursday.