Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ignoring the Masses

I have decided to acknowledge you all, my readers, from now on, as "The Masses".

How massive you all really are as a group, well, I am not exactly sure. BUT, I must say, to whoever reads on a regular basis, thank you. It makes it more worth while to type. I would blog anyway. Blogging is my morning coffee, since I don't drink any.

So, this week- actually pretty busy despite being tired.

I interviewed for the job in New Hampshire. It went rather well, and the feed back I heard from it was very positive. The only downfall is that the first words out of the interviewers mouth were, "we are not sure there is going to be a position, as there is a nurse on the fence as to whether she will extend". Well, not a direct quote, but that is what I was told. I interviewed anyways, hoping I could blow them out of the water. I believe that I did. The lady in the interview even quoted my Alaska nurse manager feedback to me and WOW! I have a killer resume and references, lemme tell you!

So anyhow, the interview like I said went well. She told me that I would be contacted this week regarding the hiring process. Well, it's Thursday, and no word as of yet. I am taking this as a sign that maybe this is falling through.. Usually next week is by Wednesday. Well, at least in my book.

So, I have decided to go ahead and apply at some steakhouses around the area. My first choice being Longhorn, since it is very similar to Lonestar, where I worked for 5 years. Next up would be Logan's Roadhouse, just a little bit farther down the road, and finally Firebirds, down the street. I really hate memorizing new menus. I don't like formal atmosphere's either. So, as my mom says, I am going top work harder for the money if I don't go to Firebird's. Well, the thing is this, they don't even open until 4 so the likelihood of me getting a job before noon is kinda not there....

We'll see. I just woke up, and my recruiter calls me about a position in Anchorage, Alaska. The VA again, and at another clinic. Well, looky who just did that? She put my info in for the job. Does that mean I will interview? No. Anyways.

We'll see with that one. I really want to go back to Alaska, and there are things I could go and see and do if I was in Anchorage since I hadn't the chance to some things in Nome. I believe I could live with my friend Mary Beth too in Willow and collect the housing subsidy. STOP SARAH, thinking WAY to far ahead!

But that would be nice. As well as a subsidy for a car, cause I am NOT going to drive all the way up there. No way man. I really do miss Alaska, but I think I miss Nome and my friends there over Alaska itself. We'll just see how this pans out.

First things first, I am going on an all girls float trip this weekend! (for others, you may refer to it as "tubing") I cannot wait, as I have not been on a float trip in quite a few years.

In other news, I have had a wart on my right index finger over the last 4 years, and I finally got it frozen with liquid nitrogen yesterday at the office. Hurt like hell yesterday, but is doing well today. Let's see how it survives the float....

Oh, and I am going to donate platelets today at Life Blood. Why I volunteered for it, I have no idea, but I did. I have to go at noon or one I think. I just know it's going to wipe me out, even though they will just take the platelets and give me back the blood.

Then, at 5 o'clock here in lovely Collierville, TN, I will be joining some girlfriends for dinner. Busy day ahead!

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Steve said...

Hellow, Sarah. Nice update. Good to hear positive things and possibilities going on. Have fun on the trip. Of course, most folks down here in the south pronounce it "toobin'".