Friday, July 11, 2008

goin' toobin'!

Well, I am off to go floating (toobin') in a few hours with my sister, and some friends, and some people I don't know. All girls float trip! Yay! No boys!

Before I go today, and leave you Masses without any updates, I will fill you in on yesterday's events.

I could not donate platelets, as my hematocrit, or iron level was too low. They tell me I just need to bulk up on the leafy greens and I should be ok. I still want to donate, I think it's very noble. I worked on an oncology floor for 4 years and administered several units to patients with low platelets, blood products, etc....and they really do save lives. So, I will try again in 2 weeks.

I did not get a job at Longhorn. They were fully staffed and had no positions. So, I went down to the mall on Houston Levee (a street here in Collierville) and got hired on the spot at FIREBIRDS! Much better restaurant with superior food and higher end clientele. It looks like I will have some fun there. The managers that I talked to that hired me yesterday seemed really nice, and they weren't shy about telling me they were glad they could hire me with my "higher level of maturity and extensive steakhouse experience". Of course, being me, I chuckled on the inside about the maturity, just because the kid in me wanted to. I have a feeling I can make some good money there, as price per plate is from $30-$40 a person.

Well, then I was off to dinner with my Memphis friends Dinah and Janet. Plus 2 of Dinah's friends from work, and Mr. Freeman himself. (Dinah's husband) We went to BONEFISH, a very high quality and high end seafood restaurant. (right across the street from my new job...) Needless to say, my food was delicious. If any of you Masses have a chance to go to one, I suggest the Bang Bang Shrimp appetizer as well as the crab cakes. YUMMMMMMMMY!

So, 2 hours later, 2 margaritas later, it's 7:15PM and Mom is calling me because I am late for BUNCO! I was at a neighbors house with 11 other women playing this game that I had never played before. Pretty fun, I hope I get to do it again!

Busy day, eh? Well, after yesterday's many things on the to-do list, I am now going on a relaxing trip to Steelville, MO for a float trip involving more estrogen than I can handle, but at least I will be with friends.

See you Monday!

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