Monday, July 21, 2008

Ick, Monday

Well I said I was going to see about doing the agency thing today, but I pretty much just woke up. The room is completely done! Yay! Photos to come soon. A little bit of this and a little bit of that still need to be done yet.

I will have to get up and do the agency thing tomorrow. People would LOVE to not have to go to work, and for me, I'm dying to go! Not having an income is a really good motivator. Again, I will update later about the happenings with that. I shall call my friend today about it and see what she thinks I should do. (doing now, leaving a voicemail) Well, that answers that portion of today's quiz!

I have also been dabbling into the world of online dating. I know, right? Well anyways, the retarded part is I can't even pay to subscribe, so I keep getting emails back from these sites and I can't even get started. I did however get winked at today. Kind of juvenile, I know. We'll see how that goes... I'll figure out which site I like best, although I have heard from dome friends that they are all on the 3 major ones, eHarmony,, and Chemistry. Is it really that hard to find a date? I have been single so long I have no idea how a relationship works, let alone gets started. Wish me luck, Masses.

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