Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I take back what I said.

And yo think it's about politics or religion? Haha, wrong buddy.

I said f*** you Larry on a previous post, and now I am taking it back since he made it a point to say goodbye to me yesterday when I was packing up and ready to go. I also found out he is a WWII Marine veteran, and for that, he is way forgiven, since he is a real American hero.

So, thank you Larry.

Thanks for serving and surviving and being the sole nice person to really say goodbye besides the weird lady that worked in the leasing office.

Right now Dad and I are in Williams, AZ at the Travelodge. There is a sign on the counter (underneath the glass) that says deposit for dogs, and no other pets. Guess what? When this office closes my cat WILL be sleeping in with me and my father.

We passed through Lake Havasu, and it was 106 degrees. I am not doing that to my cat, even though we are at a higher altitude and it is cooler here. Not doing it to a 17 year old cat.

Well, it's beddy-bye time, and we have a long day ahead.


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