Monday, June 23, 2008

after several non stop hours of cleaning and packing....

I still have things to pack away in the kitchen, living room, and finish off the bedroom.

Dad is sound asleep and snoring, I am exhausted, and my cat is sleeping on the couch.

After returning my friends vacuum(which was a Godsend because of Space Saver bags, I highly recommend)giving her some food and things I didn't need, packing up the storage egg on the roof of my car, dropping 6 bags of articles of which I donated to the VA, taking several trips to the dumpster, clearing out and packing up bathroom stuff and toiletries,I think I am finally ready to hit the rack.

Unfortunately, there has been quite the snag in travel plans that began yesterday at around 4:30.

I dropped my car off on Friday to get my a/c repaired and to have a replacement done for my catalytic converter so I can drive across the country safely. Trouble is, the problems my car was exhibiting before I dropped it off started all over again. So I am thinking that the problem was not my catalytic converter...

Needless to say I am fuming since I just paid nearly $800 in repairs, and my car is still not fixed. A/C works... Silver lining? Not good enough.

So, now it's just after midnight and I have to get up early tomorrow to take the car back as soon as the shop opens at 8, then come back to the apartment, finish up packing and cleaning, and crossing my fingers these schmucks finally crack down and fix the problem with my car.

This of course, along with trying to figure out the logistics in setting up my rooftop storage has put Dad in a very foul mood, not helping me feel any better about the whole driving situation. He has helped some, but not enough as I had hoped. And Dad, if you read this, you HAVE been a great help so far, but man, I am whooped!

Anyhow wish me luck tomorrow guys Dad's gonna tear this shop a new one and demand they fix my car for free. I agree, since they really didn't fix the problem.

I need sleep, I am tired, good night.

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