Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Again, why can't they fix the oil problems?

I, again, came across this ARTICLE on Yahoo! news today regarding the oil debacle going on in this country.

All I have to say after living in California over the last 8 months and getting the first hand gasoline price spiked slap in the face at the pump every week, that the Dems and Repubs need to get along and come to a compromise, or just merge together and figure out a way that everyone can be happy. I personally do not like paying $70 to fill up my 14 gallon tank. Even though I get great gas mileage out of my awesome Honda, it's still like a punch in the gut every time I go to the pump.

I do not consider myself a Democrat, because I do not believe in all of the "democratic party" points of interests and game planning. Same goes for the not being a Republican either, but we all know I lean a little to the left anyhow. But articles like this, and reading about what our federal government elected officials are doing to their "fellow" Americans is really sickening. I happen to really like the ideas that the Democrats had proposed, and wish that somehow or another the Republicans can get their bloody, money-hungry hands out of the upper class, and actually help this country build a middle class again.

Ok, so I rant. Sue me. These are my points of view. Please read the article, and leave comments of your opinions.

Vote Obama.

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