Friday, February 22, 2008

What will I do with an extra $5 a day?

Well, I quit smoking, and it usually costs me about 5 clams a day. I am trying to find something to do with that extra $150 a month.

Any suggestions? I was thinking of putting it in savings, but smoking was for my enjoyment. What enjoyment can I purchase for $5 a day?


Rosie said...

Hi Sarah,
Sounds like you were having a pity party. Did you invite anyone besides yourself? I'm really glad to hear that you quit smoking, since you know how I feel about the subject. I hope you stick with the plan. Suggestions for what to do with an extra $5/day -save it towards a vacation(something to look forward to) or use it to join a gym or Starbucks(another addiction) When you occupy your free time with positive thoughts and workout your body-you not only feel better,look better, but you put out positive energy-which is an attractive and attracting quality.
Just a little advice from your friend and nurse mama. Rosie

Steve said...

Sarah, great move toward the quit! I'm pulling for you.

Swartzie said...

Thanks you guys! I totally appreciate all the support!