Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have never met this girl but:

Ok, so let me just start by saying that I have undergone a severly uneventful night shift here at the Blind Center.
This might explain the 10 postings I have had time to do tonight. This also includes the 1,000+ word entry I put in my own personal online journal. (before you try to look, you can't access it)
Anyhow. I was cleaning the nurses station, yes, yet again because I bored, and I found the San Francisco Bay Guardian. For you STL and Memfrikans, this is the local RFT or Flyer.
Another time killer, YAY!

I discover this brilliant article online by this chick who seriously must have either read my mind, knows my friends, tapped my phone line, or: I am just not alone in this world when it comes to my utter annoyance by Facebook. And to you, lady who writes for free printed media, I curtsy to you in gratitude.

For one reason being that I cannot access Facebook here at the VA, (one of the many blocked sites) I don't really pay any mind. I rarely log in, but when I do, (only by being fored to when I get all my numerous alerts to my email, getting me excited to see I have new mail only to be disappointed it's not from a human, but an electronic demon troll from Facebook) I feel like I have some evil force telling me I have to perform numerous tasks so I can earn the privelidge of communicating with friends.

When I get home, I am deleting it. I have made up my mind.

It's to time consuming and annoying to navigate, and by the time you get to the meat of what you are trying to do, you're exhausted and want to go take a nap or pull your hair out.

So, for those of you who are my friends on Facebook, we must now sever Facebook ties. If this is going to be traumatic for you, let me offer you comfort in the knowledge that you still have the option to contact me via Blogger, Myspace, Yahoo, and, oh yeah, that wierd thing called a TELEPHONE!

Here's the article for which I have found my motivation to cut my losses and frustrations:FACEBOOK IS EVIL!!!

I seem to be quitting alot of things these days...For more interesting reading and a good time killer, read my other blog: Decline of the Big Fat Slob

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