Monday, February 25, 2008


Yup, I'm still stoked and anxious about my upcoming trip to L.A. I have been cleaning my apartment in an attempt to keep my mind off cigarettes. And of course I want to come home from my short little vacation to a clean house. I hate cleaning first thing when I get home. Takes away from the whole concept of rest and reminiscence.

Anyhow, I have had a surprisingly busy day at work so far. Went to the prosthetics department with one of my patients and learned some things about the subject. Very interesting place indeed/ People that work in prosthetics have a wonderful job, and I am sure not one of them goes home unsatisfied with the work they do each day. Neat stuff.

4 days and a wake up for L.A. Next is the countdown when my Dad gets in town on the 15th of next month! WOOT!


Steve said...

Have you figured out what to do with the $5 yet? You could take up disc golf and still have wads of money left over. Every time you sink a putt, when the disc hits the chains, it's like you giving notice to the tobacco cartel that you aren't their slave anymore.

(Okay, that might be stronger than you like; I'm just really anti-tobacco! Delete any of this if it's inappropriate.)

Swartzie said...

Still dunno what to do with the $5, but I have some idea ablaze... And no, it's not inappropriate! I appreciate the support! Not sure about the disc golf, but I think the $150 a month I save can go towards jenny Craig or something.