Thursday, January 24, 2008


It really takes a movie that looks really good to go and see it at the theatres by myself.

I got a call from my sister, Jessica this morning. She had told me she saw Cloverfield, and asked if I had yet. Of course, I hadn't, so the answer was no. She immediately went into a rant about how badly I needed to see it and definitely had to be seen in the theatre.

Since I really don't have that many friends that I hang out with out here in California, I knew this was going to be yet another solo venture to the AMC.

I wanted to see it anyway, but I was a little skeptic about the production, consistency, and realistic comparisons to evaluate. Jessica said this was all worth it. So I knew it had to be worth the 12 bucks.

I am not going to go into great depth, as I truly feel this movie is something one must definitely go to and see for themselves.

It also takes alot for me to give a movie a raving review, as I am somewhat of an amateur critic myself. I love movies, always have and always will. I have been like that since I can remember. The TV was always a good babysitter.

Also, I am a fan of scary movies, monster movies, horror flicks, etc. I like to watch them because it takes a good one to really make me scared or creeped out. I go in, expecting not to be scared, and usually I am not disappointed, because they never deliver.

This movie scared the ever loving s*** out of me. I have never been so scared from the get go as I have from Cloverfield. And I must say, after leaving the movie, this has probably got to be one of the best movies I have ever seen. It takes alot for one to make the list, (as I have seen hundreds) and this one definitely rocked my socks. I am pretty sure one reason is because I felt as if I was really there, the way that it was filmed. I was really drawn into the characters as well. I spent the whole time at the edge of my seat, I jumped, I yelped a few times, I gasped in disbelief.

I cannot go on enough about this movie. I highly recommend anyone go see it. You will NOT be disappointed.

Not to mention, the lead male character was played by quite a delicious young man for whom I will be keeping my eye out for. Not only as he gorgeous, and the physical type I would aim high for in "reality"... He's an extremely talented actor, and I hope he is in many a film to come.

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