Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Karl Update

My new child, Karl, a beta, has been doing wonderful!
He swims in excitement when I come home, he responds to finger movement, and I even think he has a thing for Jack Johnson music. I was playing it this morning, and he was swimming around like he was dancing in his bowl! Was way cool to see.

Chloe, my kitty, has been doing well also. She may be 15, but she still has plenty of spunk, and still let's you know she is a princess who needs plenty of love.

I am still unsure of where I am going next. I have interviews set up for AZ, NM, and CT tomorrow. The one in CT is going to pay the most, plus I will get a sign on bonus to boot. SO I am aiming for that one. Plus I have some friends nearby, within a few hours drive.

This has certainly been quite the trip.

Updates to come...

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