Monday, November 5, 2007

Ready to SNAP!!!

People have been aggravating me today.

First was some asshole in the pharmacy at the hospital today whining about his long wait. Some people are so ungrateful. You get free health care, medications at ridiculous low prices, and money back from the government for your time in service.

Then I was at the gym tonight looking around at equipment to work out on after I get off the elliptical, and some cougar on the rowing machine is just sitting on in jabbering on her cell phone. The gym is for working out! Not fucking phone time!

I am just losing my cool with people. that man in the pharmacy this morning got me so hot tempered I came really close to telling him off. Of course, I didn't want to jeopardize my job there. I was in fact startled at the fact that one of the 20 patients (vets) waiting calmly and appropriately didn't say anything to the guy. It's the freaking VA! It's just like when one is in the service: you get ready and wait.

I've been dealing with it for over 10 years, I know better. The guy should've walked out of there with his fat ass and done some laps around the parking lot instead be an ignorant asshole.

Enough of this now. It's making me angry again. I am off to be productive. I think I'll clean the cat pan, yick.

Until next time...

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