Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Today was my breaking point.
And this by the way has nothing to do with the guy in the pharmacy or the lady at the gym yesterday.

I am starting to get a complex here. Allow me to explain

I am 28 years old.
Easy going.

I have been single for over 3 years now, and as most of you well know, I am ready to start dating again. I have not been very successful at meeting men up to my standards, or rather just guys I would be interested in. Nothing.

Well today was the cherry on top of a crappy 3 year single shit sundae.

One of the patients I gave a flu shot today to seriously hit on me to the point where he insisted I take down hos number and call him. He said he could show me around. Did I mention he was 77 years old?!?!?! And I know for a fact he wasn't interested in introducing me to his grandson....

I thought for an hour I could have easily thrown up. Blech :P

Where are all the decent men MY AGE hiding?????

What am I to do?


Tiffany said...

From what I have seen, there aren't any decent, young, attractive men anywhere in the US!

Dave said...

Might be dementia setting in... I work in a place that has a health care bldg...and old folks as well... the crazy thing is that one of them would loudly and proudly discuss his latest porn viewings with anyone unlucky enough to fall into the web of his personal space....77 yrs old sounds about right for that kind of nuttiness