Saturday, November 3, 2007

random memory from when I was 16 years old

I was at this party at this kid Aaron's house. He was this guy I worked with at Steak N' Shake and I was IN LOVE with this kid. You know, high school folder that said "I Love Aaron" and all that stuff.
They were playing this Japanese anime cartoon. I remember one line from it, cause my memory is ridiculous...
"Make love to me now, and you will be free of poison."
How simple would that be, People would be doing it all the time.
Too bad at the time I was still a virgin...
I was just smoking a cig outside my hotel door, and I blew the smoke out of my nose. Weird, but there is a different taste to it when you do such a thing.
I also remember I was smoking Camel Special Lights at the time.
I was drunk that night trying everything I could to get his attention.
Nothing worked, obviously, that's how it always goes. I am sure if I went into Mom's garage in Memphis I could find a diary I kept that had all the info in it.

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