Sunday, November 4, 2007

missing Bodie

So I had this killer cool beta fish in Alaska named Bodie. He was a traveller hand me down that I had become the foster parent of.
He would get excited when I came home, swim and dance around the bowl, and almost jump out of the bowl when he was going to get fed.
He died in June, and I have wanted a new one since.
I went to PetCo today in hopes of possibly finding a new beta to be a mommy to, and I decided against it.
As I looked at the beta selection, there really wasn't much to chose from. There were maybe 20 in all, and about 5 were already dead. I also opted not to tell a sales person either.
I looked around at all the animals they had for sale. Rodents, snakes, amphibians, turtles, chinchillas, birds. I looked at all of them with a frown since I felt so sad I couldn't take them all home and set them free.
I also decided not to get one from there since Mom has purchased some rats from PetCo that have had health problems.
So, from now on, I think I am going to add PetCo to my list of places to boycott.
There was a sign on some of the cages and aquariums that staff check the animals every hour to ensure the animals safety.
I call bullshit considering I saw about 50 dead fish in addition to the 5 dead betas, and some sickly looking mice.
Hopefully, I will be able to find a PetSmart around here. I much more prefer that place anyways. They are a much better pet store in my eyes.
Someday soon I hope I can find me a new beta to bring me some joy...

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