Monday, November 12, 2007

not knowing is always the worst part

I just got off the phone with my recruiter. I am unhappy with my housing. As I had said before, I am currently habitating in a extended stay hotel. At first I thought I could handle it, but now the walls seem to be closing in on me. She is working on possibly getting me a larger room, or a place in a nicer extended stay. I would hate to move, but if I can be happier in the next 5 weeks being somewhere else, I will do it.

We discussed the possibility of me staying in the clinic where I am working, but I have a feeling it's a moot effort, and we should start looking for an assignment elsewhere. I am crossing my fingers and praying there is another VA position here in California I could apply for. I decided for numerous reasons to not take a break in between jobs and start the next one asap. So, if things work out well, I can start my new job a few days after this one is over. This means I won't be coming home for Christmas...again. I won't be able to save enough money this time around to take a vacation anyways. And a pre-holiday start/availability makes me a more marketable asset.

Like the blog title states, not knowing is the worst. More than likely, I do not expect to be interviewed until the beginning of next month, or even finding available positions for that matter. I get paid in a week and a half, and my next big chunk of change will be to pay the California Board of Nursing for my CA nursing license. Which of course, will take me about 6-8 weeks to go through. There are alot of jobs out here for LVN's, so hopefully I will be able to take advantage of that after my license comes through. So far, there are only jobs available in Arizona, no pay rates posted, and it is too early to be looking anyways.

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Dave said...

my very good friend was a tech in the ORs at stanford he's a perfusionist in AZ....

I know from him there are TONS of traveler jobs at stanford hospital!