Friday, November 2, 2007

Being Broke Ain't No Joke

So, I found out a little too late this week that I was supposed to get paid this Friday (today), but instead, since I was tardy with faxing my time card, I am to get pai Monday. This is only one weeks worth of pay, and I am gonna have to stretch it for 2 weeks. Yay. I went through ell and a hand basket trying to get things approved in time to get paid, but of course, someone in San Diego screwed up, (wildfires aside) and now I have gone through the emotional duress of discovering I must stay in this weekend for I will have no money for gas, food, or extra entertainment.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I was in the hole from the bank?

That Sprint cut my service off this morning? (pursuaded them to turn it back on with great success)

So, I am stuck in my hotel room, only to be glued to the tv, computer, book, magazine, my ca to keep me occupied. Not to mention the sport of avoiding the free porn on Showtime, and what's advertised on the PPV channel. (BTW, porn makes me sick to my stomach) Whoop-dee-doo.

I am severely hoping I have a friend here that can rescue me if not for the weekend, at least for a day.... I at least have enough gas in the tack to get me to and from the gym over the weekend and to and from work on Monday. Yippee.

Other things pissing me off:
1) The dorsal(top) aspect of my left foot is killing me. It feels broken, but I am sure there is a tenon r ligament that has been aggravated and that it what is causing me pain. I would have gone to the gym tonight after work, but of course, my foot feels like it is mummified and is throbbing like it got smashed by a mallet. If it is still bugging me on Monday, I will have to try and find an urgent care clinic to go to and see what's up. Just what I wanted, more medical bills.

2) I am thinking that I got the wool put over my eyes a few years ago when I went to the VA in search of possibly being able to receive medical benefits as a veteran. I was denied. For starters, I am not a combat veteran, and my military career although satisfying and beneficial to my adulthood, was pretty unexciting and uneventful. I did however go through more bullshit with fellow troops than one should have to. Sexual harassment and assault by fellow soldiers, harassment and bullying by others, getting screwed as far as my career was concerned and not being able to move ahead and get promoted as I should have been. But I cannot bash the Army. One thing it taught me to do was suck it up and drive on. Which is something I know I am really good at. I was talking to one of my patients today, and it seems I am still eligible for benefits contrary to what I was told a few years ago. Spouses health benefits are becoming phased out, and pretty much if you are a combat vet, you only get 2 years of free health care. Bullshit either way if you ask me. I think any one who served this country in the armed forces deserves free health care. Whether we actually picked up an M-16 rifle and fired at someone or not, we fight for this country, and should be treated accordingly. I am going to talk to a benefits counselor on Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully I can make some headway as far as getting that taken care of. If I DO end up getting benefits, I can stop paying for my crappy health insurance and get it taken care of at the VA. There are loopholes and what not, and I know which ones to jump through to get things done. Go me.

3) Foot still hurting, still can't go to the gym.

4)I was really hoping to be able to meet up with a friend of mine I know in the Bay area, but unfortunately, he still has not returned my phone calls, and I am thinking that after all this time being excited to see him will all be for naught if he doesn't return the efforts of contact. This makes me sad, for it has been many years since we have seen each other.

5) I am still freaking single. There are so many beautiful, eligible, and seemingly intelligent men in the area. SO why aren't any of them looking my way? I don't think they are all gay...Or hoping. I have been hit on in the last week by old military vets at the VA for how pretty I am, or my red hair, than I have been hit on in years!! WTF?!?! Am I just a repulsive creature? AUGH!

Well, this has become a lot longer than I had hoped it to be. But of course, it is ME we are talking about, and we all know that I can get long winded with things. Oh well.

Here is to maybe something good happening to me over the weekend. Cross your fingers fro me....

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dave said...

OK, so I don't know if you're officially a "contractor" or long term temp...but in CA, for regular full time employees...they MUST pay you regardless of having a time card from you. No questions asked.

of course...they can suspend or even fire you (like that would happen...) or other random punishments if you don't turn one in.... I know because I had a bunk employer and a cool coworker who would NOT turn his in on time just to mess with them haha