Thursday, September 20, 2007

some people are just assholes!

I was reading the stories on Yahoo News, and I came across these two stories that totally get my blood boiling.

I hope these people get this guy put in his place! Frivilous lawsuits made by yuppie, high end snoots make me want to vomit. They need to go to hell.
Dry Cleaners Article

Dan Rather is a tool!
Dan Rather Sues CBS
NO ONE deserves $70 million dollars! If I were to sue someone for every time I publicly humiliated myself, I would have been retired before I was the age I had to remember my social security number! Yeah, so he said some smack about Bush. His information was wrong. He needs to build a bridge and get over it. As a tax-paying lower-middle class citizen of this country, I cannot fathom why that prick deserves a damn dime!

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