Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sarah and Jamie, reunited next month!

I am going to be driving due south from Parker, CO visiting my cousin and her family, and visiting my good, close, dear friend Jamie. We haven't seen eachother in 2 years, so I am happy for this reunion. We used to work together at Lone Star STeakhouse in Crestwood, MO back in the day.

Last time we had seen each other was back in September of 2005 where I got him hooked on LOST.

Been waaaaaaaaay too long. I miss that crack head.

Anyway, I was thinking that since he used to be an over the road truck driver, he wouldn't mind talking the trip with me to Palo Alto from Alamogordo, NM. It would be a fun trip, and God knows, the kid needs a vacation! I am thinking about bribing him to go if I pay his one way ticket back to NM via the El Paso, TX airport.

Let's hope I can work my charm and awesome friendship by getting him to do it!

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Swartzie said...

Might I add the reason why Mr. Yonko and I haven't seen eachother is because he just up and went into the Air Force. He has been stuck in New Mexico since 2004 I think.