Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ode to My Nano

So, as of late, you all must know how distraught I was over the recent loss of my iPod. I could have sworn I out it in my book bag at work and that was the last of it.

Or maybe I dropped it at the Rec Center. Or lost in my apartment? That couldn't be! I cleaned my place as best as clean can get, and the thing hadn't surfaced.

So, over the last week, I had posted signs, emails and alerted other people of this newly grave loss in my life. I could've sworn I knew where it was and that it had *POOF*, disappeared!

Much to my embarrassment and delight, I found the silly thing in the slip pocket on the inside backing of my book bag this morning! I am overjoyed with this new discovery. As I type this, I have it playing connected to my speakers enjoying the lovely tunes of my dream husband, Mr. Jason Mraz.

I was bummed I was going to have to cut the loss, deal with it, move on, and have to buy a new iPod. Although I have been drooling over the new Video Nano and the 80 gig video iPod. The 2 in comparison have nothing in common. One is obviously the better buy. But all in all, I am elated I don't have to fork out at least another $250 to enjoy the wonderful joy of iPod goodness.

Prayers get answered people! Linus (my iPod's name) has returned back to me, and I am having a way better day now than I was having yesterday.


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