Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Mexico is off the trip tour to California

Well, I am not going to go to NM anymore. My mother and I got into a large misunderstanding, and I basically had to drop the pit stop and not be able to visit my friend Jamie.

I am not going to get into details about why I decided to drop NM from the trip. But it basically entails having to make my Mom happy. Which after the afternoon I had, the many tears I have shed, and the bullshit Mom put me through, I am still debating why the hell after she seriously hurt me, why the hell I am even bending over backwards to make her happy.

This whole trip was supposed to be be and Mom on the way to Seattle. When the job fell through, I felt as if he was more upset with the fact that she wasn't going to be seeing her friend Nancy than the fact that I had to redo all the stress I went through AGAIN to find a new job.

Well, since I got the job in California, it was my understanding that since NM would be on the way, that ME as a 28 year old ADULT WOMAN, didn't need to ask Mommy's permission to go to New Mexico, since it is MY car we're driving, MY job I am driving to, and MY life I am trying to live.

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Swartzie said...

Of course, this was originally a draft, so I decided to publish my thoughts anyways, even though I really didn't finish what I had tosay.