Thursday, September 6, 2007

no interview yet, still sitting on my hands

AUGH!!!!!!!!!! Can the wait be over?
Let me recap my week: (the last 168 hours)
My answering machine was on the fritz, and wasn't picking up.
I was awaiting a phone call at any time from Palo Alto all week last week.
I am informed last Wednesday or Thursday by my boss here in Nome that someone called to check my references. Of course, Colleen (my boss) gave a rave review since she loves me so much. (kudos) Not to mention, she either wouldn't say, or couldn't remember whom she spoke with! AUGH! I love the woman, but that was like a punch in the stomach. *deep breath, I'm ok now*
I finally get a new (and functional) telephone and answering machine from my lovely friend Carmen.
I speak with my recruiter yesterday morning where she informs me that she got wind that the people in Palo Alto have called all of the job candidates.
Nice, they called me, and I didn't get a message. F***g great!
This blows.
I call the one guy to see if I can set up a phone interview.
I have to leave a message.
I call the lady around lunch time.
I had to leave a message with a secretary.
Like that'll get to the right person.
So, I have to call the dude again tomorrow.(today, really. night shift will screw with your head)
I can interview.
So far, we do not know if any of the positions have filled. There are 5 openings in 4 locations. I am really wanting to get one! Only thing is, I have only been applied to the position directly at the VA hospital.
So... here is to hoping I can get the call of a lifetime tomorrow and stop waiting around to interview and stop sitting on pins and needles.

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Marzsaetel said...

Let the luck of a new assignment flow from me to you!!!
Good Luck girlfriend!