Monday, September 10, 2007

get me OUT of here!!!!!!!

Ok, so I interviewed last Thursday FINALLY for the position in Palo Alto! I think it went really well, and I really don't see any reason for me not to get the job. The only thing I feel would be against me is the fact that I have no clinic experience.
But, on the other hand, I have very strong clinical experience on the floor. If this job ends up being as easy as the nursing directer there says it's gonna be, technically I would be over qualified.

I am just praying my butt off that I get a call sometime tomorrow or Tuesday that the job is mine, and I can start planning for my descent to the lower 48.
If when I leave Nome, and start when this job starts next month, I will have a good 3 weeks off to visit and vacation at home, and have a paced drive cross country and visit with friends and family along the way.

I know tomorrow the nurse manager fro California will probably call my boss here, Colleen for a reference, and I know for sure she will give me high marks. Hopefully, that will be all that needs to be said, and the job is mine. Like I said, I may be able to find out as soon as tomorrow, and that would be the greatest news.

I am just hoping that my rock star interview on Thursday was all it took for these people to know they NEEDED ME to be there!

Tomorrow at around 11 AM I was supposed to be headed out to the airport and be on my merry way flying home to the lower 48. For the shear fact that this isn't happening like I had hoped. I was really geared up and ready to go home tomorrow. I had my duffel bag packed. All I had to do was fill in the rest of my crap after finishing laundry, ship some things via USPS, and take one last shower, hop into some sweats and fly overnight to Memphis. SCRATCH THAT.

Now it's up in the air when I leave. If for the absolute cruelest Fate should not grant me the Palo Alto gig, I will still leave Nome in 3 weeks, but I would then be graced with the lovely job hunt again. There is a position in MO in Springfield that is 5 eight hour night shifts on some transitional rehab floor. They called and left me a message the other day, and my dumb ass erased it by accident. Oh well, I can ask my recruiter for the number if I decide to interview. I REALLY want to get a call from Cali of course. That way I can put MO on the wayside for a while.

AUGH! The frustration is making my hair fall out!


Shescrazy said...

I just thought I would stop by & say hi I was shocked when I saw your profile cause we have ALOT in common!
Congrats on the interview we almost moved to Palo Alto once lonnng time ago cause Chad was offered a job there but there was no way we could affored the rent!

Sarah said...

Holy crap! You are like my tan twin! I need to figure out how to contact you outside of Blogger....