Monday, January 19, 2009

another week goes by

Well, Monday. Hello. I have a new roommate. We get along great so far, so that is the cherry on top of the fact that she only is in my place for 4 weeks tops and then I have the place to myself when my sister gets here in 7 weeks. Not that I'm counting or anything :)

I have ran into a serious case of writers' block, which is making me extremely frustrated. Since I have the story in my head, trying to get it onto paper has become a quite the task. I will succeed, I am giving myself a whole other week before I must lock myself to the computer and get cracking.

To answer the most common questions: yes, it's cold, yes I am ok, yes I am coming back to the lower 48 after this assignment, and I plan to stay away from Alaska as long as I can so I can appreciate it when I return in a few years or so.

I hope all of you are having a great MLK Day and enjoy the Inauguration festivities tomorrow. Toodloo!!

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