Wednesday, September 10, 2008

24 days and a wake up!

So, I will be in Nome in a little over 3 weeks and I have a fair amount of ants in my pants. While I help my mom prepare for Bunco at the house tomorrow, I am still amidst the black hole that is my room in preparation for my big move.

I am still having a hard time deciding what I want to take as far as clothes, gadgets, towels, personal hygiene items, entertainment, etc. And what I want to mail to Nome, all that kind of stuff. This is a crazy house right now, and I will be so happy when the whole little 'storm' is over.

I just found out my sister is coming to Memphis for a visit this weekend, and I am really excited to see her again. This is great, because I am highly doubtful I will be able to trek up to St. Louis to see family and Friends before I embark to Nome next month.

Well, I am off to work what I am sure will be an uneventful lunch shift at the 'Bird', and then off to do a drug screen for my nursing job. I just did it a month ago for Nursefinders. What pisses me off is those hussies never called me for any shifts. I am sure I can get some when I come back I hope. We shall see, for that is all but 3 months away.

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