Wednesday, June 11, 2008

C'mon ride the train...

This ARTICLE I found today was pretty interesting. I think we Americans are so fixated on the fastest and cheapest that we forgot how wonderful it is to ride on the train.

Now, personally for me, the last time I rode the train was when I was still in grade school for a Girl Scout trip to Jefferson City, MO, to explore our states capitol. I remember the ride was really fun and relaxing. We spent some time near a fountain by the capitol building and there were several tadpoles in it. I was very pissed at my mother for not letting me take some home to raise at our house. That's a 9 year old for you.

I hope that in the future I can take a train ride somewhere. It seems almost romantic in a way. You get to see America, and you don't have to pay for fuel, or drive. Just ride, make the stops, eat, and arrive at the destination of your choice.

Food for thought. I think I will work on a train excursion at the end of the summer. I have become inspired.

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