Saturday, May 17, 2008

funny how heartburn makes you think...

I have no idea where this theory came from, but it occurred to me this evening as I was up at Safeway buying groceries listening to a Musak-type version of "The Locomotion"... If you wanna be successful pop singer, odds are you'll be a one hit wonder if you chose your first release that would happen to be a cover of a 60's tune.

IE: Kylie Minogue with the "Locomotion" back in the late 80's early 90's. Whenever. Either way, we all jammed to it, (I am not only guity, but also shamed) and it turned out to be the end of her career until her come back with that "Hey-la-la" song in the 90's. I remember that from 10 years ago when t came out while I was on active duty in Texas. All I know is, she must be huge in Australia, cause I never hear of her. I do have to give her kudos for beating the breast cancer though. Good job girl.

Other fine examples of crap one hit cover-wonders:
Remember Orgey, with that cover of the 80's song that whic title escapes me..."How does it feel...."
Oh and my all time fave: Tiffany! Gag. She had some success on Broadway a while back, and now she's in that retarded Meatloaf Cingular Go Phone commercial that makes me wan to pull my hair out and drink bleach when I see it on tv or hear it on the radio...

I still have a beef with Meatloaf for buthcering his greatest karaoke crossover hit.

Amen for being able to have th freedom to select what I chose to listen to.

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