Saturday, April 19, 2008

my foot itches...

So I got a tattoo a week ago. (see previous entry) Now my foot at the site of the tattoo is itchy like crazy. I am almost complete with the scabbing stage now. YAY. I finally decided what to do as far as a cover up concept for my right arm tat that looks retarded. Yes, I was a victim of the late 90's Chinese/Japanese character tattoo craze.... I only found out 6 or 7 years after having the thing proudly displayed on my arm didn't exactly match it's meaning.

Instead of my killer Army tribute, teenage hardass complex tattoo meaning "SOLDIER", I found out from REAL CHINESE PEOPLE, who actually can READ AND WRITE CHINESE what it meant.

And a dis at that. "SOLDIER WITHOUT RANK"

From a fighter, to a nobody.... BOO HISSSSSSSSSSSSS. Got to change that...

Then about a week ago, I was showing off my "tramp stamp" to some co-workers. It just happens to be in Sanskrit, which Prem, my Indian friend, could actually read. Turns out, it really means "PRAYER" and not "DESIRE" (trampy,as it's right over my butt)as I had originally thought. An unfortunate reversal of fortunes for both tattoos that I had just mentioned. Oh well. I know over the years that I will have it all perfected and out of my system. I will not rest until my plans are complete. When they are followed through, piece by piece, I'll reveal them to you :)

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