Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, I didn't party like a rock star, or even stay up late consciously to really ring in the New Year with a bang, but I welcome it with open arms.

I always like the new year. It mentally helps me dump the crap that haunts me from the previous year behind me, and it makes me motivated to have an even better year than the one before.

I pretty much spent 75% of 2007 in Nome, Alaska, where I was working as a travel nurse. I had an awesome time, made killer friends, and got to do and see things I never thought I would accomplish in my lifetime. And in a few months, I will be back of to Alaska to finish the "to-do" list I made when I first stepped foot in November of 06'.

California has been iffy for me as far as being an aesthetically pleasing place to live. I am not quite fond of the people whom inhabit the Silicon Valley as much as I DO appreciate the citizens of San Francisco with their joix de vive and individuality and open acceptance to anyone who wants it.

I have fallen in love with a little nook of land next to the ocean in a town called Monterey. It is the famous home of the brilliant author, John Steinbeck. And you can see the pride of the hometown everywhere. It truly is a magical place. The weather isn't exactly perfect. It's been chilly most of the times I have visited, but the brilliance of the sea will make you forget what the weather is like outside. The ocean is a hue of greenish blue, with soft beige sand and plenty of wildlife to gaze upon.

I discovered the beach and tide pools behind Cannery Row. What a neat place! Mussels, clams, sea anemone, starfish, jellyfish, small crabs, fish, seagulls.... The wildlife list goes on and on. And when leaving at night time, the lights from the bay can take your breath away. I can only imagine that it is fairly comparable to the French Riviera.

They will have the flu clinic job open this Sept/Oct again. There is a clinic in Monterey, and since I have the experience, I would love to get the position there so I can get a few free months in paradise. We'll see when that time comes.

But like I said, there is a 95% chance I am going back to Alaska for April-June. And hopefully over the summer I can get a travel assignment in or around Memphis or St. Louis. That way I can be awarded a housing subsidy, stay with Mom or Dad, and be able to save money so I can go back to school some day.

Well anyhow, I am going to leave you with this cheerful update and hopefully get back on the ball with more bloggings to capture my experiences as a traveller.

Until then, I am going to Memphis on Tuesday and St. Louis on Saturday. Gone altogether for a week of relaxing, partying and taking care of business. Maybe something fun will happen that I can report to you.

Take care, and God bless.


Steve said...

I like this posting, Sarah. I've never been to California, and your descriptions paint a pleasant picture of it. Happy new year to you.

Swartzie said...

It's truly magical in several ways, and has those little things that bother you whatever state you live in.
As a child I have always wanted to be a Californian. My dreams came true, but not as I had expected them to, and not how I percieved or planned either.
I'm still happy to be here though.