Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I got tagged by Kasey, so here's some random fact about me.

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1) I have no physical fears. IE: not afraid of the dark, heights, mice, blood, needles, etc...
I am , however afraid of rejection and dying alone.

2)Since the age of 6 or so, I have always wanted to be an actress. I was always involved in dancing, acting, and singing. I have written a book (I was 13) and I have never let go of the chance that I could be in the movies or a blues singer or something involving performing arts. Still one day I night get up and do a stand up routine.

3)Bad Habits:
*I smoke
*I drink
*I bite my nails
*I swear too much

4) I have been a recovering bulimic for over 10 years. I am obsessed with my weight and physical appearance. I have finally gotten a grip over the passed year or so by eating better, exercising, and becoming more active in the community. I will never think of myself as skinny ever again. I will always want my 18 year old Army body back, and I have come to grips that will never be again, and I must live for my health now. I still, however, have been contemplating/studying getting plastic surgery(lipo) for the passed 3 years. I don't have the money for it, but as for right now, I am still thinking about it.

5)I have ADD. Most of you have either heard me say it before, or figured it out on your own. It started to get really bad about 4 years ago. But I have seen doctors, and have been on medication for over a year, and I am a better person for it I think.

6)I have an insanely jealous nature, although I don't show it. I keep it to myself, and I tend to talk about people behind their backs. I am still working on that part of character development. I am also very obsessive with things as well, and have a hard time letting old issues go. Again, I am working on it.

7)When I was in HS, IO wanted desperately to live in Los Angeles to pursue my acting career. I stayed on the side of caution knowing that was a hard decision to make, and that it would be difficult to break into the business. So I joined the Army instead. After being in LA for a few days in October,I realized that living there would be impossible, as the traffics' so horrid I would rather pull our my hair and pour alcohol on my head than ever have to do that again ;)

I tag Jessica, Mary Beth, Leah, JR, Janet, Julie, and Stephanie.

I have an incredible memory for minute detail: I remember names, dates, what I/someone else was wearing, celebrity names and their business, TV shows, actors and actresses, singers, musicians, all that stuff. I am obsessed with Hollywood gossip, although I do not feel any compassion or give a crap about their personal lives. I used to go to a psychiatrist when I was a child because I was overactive and rambunctious. Turns out they tell me I have a genius IQ and that's why. I also have a tendency to be able to understand foreign language by listening and reading more than average. It is very easy for mew to pick up things in different languages. Right now, I am being taught Tagalog by some of my Filipina co-workers.

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Dave said...

Have you ever thought that life would be easier just being somewhat of an imbecile? haha. OK maybe not that bad... Lets settle for just a little less brilliant...

the hardest thing about finding yourself acting out or spacing out because you are unchallenged is to find the right challenges for you...