Monday, October 22, 2007

First Day Jitters

Well, I am about ready to go o work for my first day at the VA here in Palo Alto. I got up a little too early, so now I am just waiting for some time to pass before I get to the new job too early.

I hate the first day. It's always orientation, but you still feel the need to be nervous. I know I have many more first days to come since I am a travel nurse, and we should be doing this every 3 months.

Of course, I was in Nome for 10.5 months, and this assignment is only 8 weeks.
Hopefully I can stay longer on at the hospital for an extension. I am pretty sure I am going to like this job.

I was hoping I would be starting in the middle of the pay period so I could be paid after 2 weeks, but I think I am going to be unlucky again to where I have to wait 3 just for that one weeks worth of pay.

I know I'll be able scrape by, I just can't go really far from town since gas is retarded expensive here. $3.18 a gallon yesterday.

BUT, I am hoping to go to either Monterrey, or Frisco this weekend with my friend Janet.

My friend Corissa from Nome is already here, and she helped me out a great deal yesterday with helping me find my way around. This town is very user friendly as far as streets and what not.

I still dunno if I will ever get a hols of my friend Sean. He has been in the Bay area for a while now, but he was thinking about moving somewhere south. Who knows, maybe he'll check his voicemail someday....Let's hope he's still alive...

Anyways, there is lots more for me to talk about regarding the trip from Memphis to Mountain View, I just don't have the time right now. More to come, and wish me luck for my first day!

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